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Details About Your Scar Revision 
If you are exploring whether you may be a good candidate for elective scar revision, it is recommended to wait at least one year until your scar is fully mature.

As healing progresses, it may be useful to perform scar massage, wear sunscreen to minimize UV exposure, and apply silicone gel or sheeting depending on the site.

Since every scar is unique, Dr. Power will give specific recommendations after clinical examination to determine whether scar revision may be possible. Scar revision surgery will still leave a scar, however the goal is a less conspicuous scar through meticulous surgical planning, execution, and aftercare.

If you prefer, you may start by uploading a photo or two of your scar to our secure site - private and encrypted - for review by our team. This will allow us to give preliminary recommendations and a personalized surgical quote based on your specific needs:

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For further information about booking your minor surgery and starting costs, please indicate the cause of scarring:

Caused by Trauma/Injury
Caused by Minor Surgery (ex. cyst, mole removal)
Caused by Major Cosmetic Surgery (ex. Breast Lift)